Hier gibt es Fotos meiner Heimat Schweiz, von Wanderungen und Reisen, sowie Bilder zu verschiedenen Projekten. Themenliste ist rechts zu finden. Danke für den Besuch.


On this blog you will find images from Switzerland, my mountain tours and my travels, as well as images of my different projects. On the right hand side you will find a list with the themes. Thank you for stopping by.


A Nature Walk

Be Still 52 - week 14 with Kim Klassen photography class

For this week we were asked to walk in the nature.  For my image I picked up in the forest some spring flowers, I love the pink windflowers, bark of a tree and moss and of course earth ... or so :)

I used the textures kk_felicity, overlay op. 100% and kk_heartbeat, multiply op. 96%

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Sonntags-Blümchen / Sunday Flower

Zum Sonntag zeige ich mal wieder meine Lieblingsblume in Rosa.
Bei dieser Makroaufnahme kommt das Wunder der Natur so richtig zur Geltung. Es wäre schade, hier noch eine Textur anzuwenden.

TextureTuesday project with Kim Klassen

Week # 13
For once my TT-image is without texture or other adjustments. The Macro photograph shows the fantastic nature perfect.


The Be Still Vision

Be Still 52 - week 13 with Kim Klassen photography class

For this week, Kim proposed to think about The Be Still Vision.
I like to start my day calm and to enjoy whatever I do. I love when I've time for walking in the nature, to meet friends.
I'm happy when my photography come off as e.g. the one below.

In Lightroom I used the preset kk-summersun, changed to Photoshop and texturized with kk-follow, mode screen 38% opacity.
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Bee free, wherever you are

TextureTuesday project with Kim Klassen

 Week # 12
For this week I gave a try to texturize a stilllife photography which I did'nt like particularly when I shot it. But with help of three textures of Kim Klassen the image changed extremely and now I love it!
The pewter teapot is a souvenir of my mother.

Lightroom some adjustmens. In Photoshop texturized with textures
kk-2801, just golden, kk-abstract.

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Pretty Pastels (Hübsche Pastellfarben)

Be Still 52 - week 12 with Kim Klassen photography class

This time we have a lovely prompt: Pretty Pastels. On Easter Sunday I saw this sweet small cake in our bakery and decided, this is my pretty pastels model. My first shooting is with sidelight from the right. Maybe some more shootings will follow.

In Lightroom I did some adjustments and applied Kims preset  hazydazy, changed to Photoshop and applied textures kk_dare with soft light 100% op. and kk_elevate with soft light 70% opacity.

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Tangible Art (Komposition zum Anfassen)

Be Still 52 - week 11 with Kim Klassen photography class

For the week 11 of this project, the prompt was to compose and use prints of our images. I had not time enough for ordering new prints, but I'm lucky to have prints of my images for my booklet.
Maybe later on I'll come back to this prints idea with my texturized images. 

I processed with Lightroom with preset kk_truegrit, adjustments and vignetting. No texture.

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Hypnotisiert .....

Alles für die Katz # 5 - Projekt von Sylvia  jaellekatz

....  wie hypnotisiert schaut dieser wunderschöne Tiger auf .... na was wohl ? Eigentlich hatte sich nur das Gras bewegt; aber so sind nun mal Katzen.
Bei einer Wanderung im Grünen angetroffen.

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